About Us

What makes us different?

Our Management Team at Buckingham Property Management are strategically located in London, Leeds, Bournemouth and Liverpool and are able to respond quickly to any problems, which only enhances the Builders reputation of caring for their blocks even when all flats are sold.

An experienced Property Manager will be appointed to handle your block and following discussions with the lessees we will set up day to day Management in accordance with the Individual Property Requirements. Each block has its own Bank account and no monies are ever spent other than to pay expenses incurred.

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A Sinking Fund to cover unexpected repairs and other long term requirements is set up.

Frequent inspections are carried out by one of our team and you will be generally notified of the date and time in case you want us to look at anything specific.We prepare an Annual Budget following discussions with local contractors. A copy of the budget will be sent to you with a request for payment of your share.

Audited Accounts will be prepared and sent to you at the end of each year showing all income and expenditure.

Any surplus monies remaining at the end of each financial year [excluding funds in the SiFA] will be either credited against the following year's budget or added to the sinking fund. This excludes funds in the Sinking Fund Account.

We charge on a single fee per flat per annum. This covers all day to day matters in accordance with the terms of the lease. WE DO NOT CHARGE OUR FEES IN ACCORDANCE WITH HOW MUCH IS SPENT.

Although we are based in North West London, our management takes us far and wide and for this reason we are able to take on additional blocks throughout England.

If you would like to talk to us about taking over management of your block, contact us on
0870 228 4455