A Chartered Surveyor will be appointed to handle your property and following discussions with the lessees we will set up a day to day Management in accordance with the Individual Property Requirements. Each block that we manage is set up with its own Bank account and no monies are ever passed other than to pay expenses incurred.

row of houses and flats

Annual Budgets are prepared and distributed to each lessee and generally we would issue Statements 6 months in advance.

Sinking Funds to cover unexpected repairs and other long term requirements are set up, these would generally cover major repairs for example roofs etc.

Unlike many other Management Companies WE DO NOT CHARGE OUR FEES IN ACCORDANCE WITH HOW MUCH IS SPENT. This practice leads to unnecessary expenditure so that extra fees can be earned. We charge on a single fee per flat per annum. This covers all day to day matters.

Insurance of the block will be placed with our Brokers. Because we effect so many policies, we have excellent buying power and generally can immediately arrange reductions on previous years. Further, the level of cover is generally greater than before.

Although we are based in North West London, our management takes us far and wide and for this reason we are able to take on additional blocks throughout England and Wales. In the first instance please contact us with some basic information about your block.